Property Valuation

Property Valuation services include valuation on:

1. Land and buildings along with the accessories, as well as other development on land.
2. Machinery and equipment, including installations that are arranged in a single entity and / or stand alone used in the production process.
3. Transportation, heavy equipment, communications equipment, medical equipment, laboratory tools and utilities, equipment and office furniture, and military equipment.
4. Telecommunications equipment including transmitters and receivers network equipment, satellite and earth station.
5. Agriculture, plantation, farming, fishing, and forestry.
6. Mining.

In addition to the services referred to in the above description, Public Valuer with classification on field of Property Valuation services can provide other services related to the valuation, include:

1. Property development consultancy.
2. Asset information system design.
3. Property management.
4. Feasibility study (feasibility study).
5. Property agency services.
6. Supervision of project financing.
7. Studies determining the remaining life of the economy.
8. The highest and best use studies (highest and best use).
9. Asset optimization studies.