Herly, Ariawan &Associates abbreviated KJPP HAR is the Office of Public Appraisal Service (KJPP) engaged in Property & Business Valuation services, as well as other consulting services. KJPP HAR established by Deed No. 02 dated 05 February 2008 before Notary Heru Warsito, S.H. and has been registered on the Commercial District Court of Human Rights in Central Jakarta No. 269/PMBP/2008, dated June 19, 2008.

KJPP HAR own License Office Public Appraisal Service 2.09.0078 Number assigned to the Minister of Finance Decree No. 1404/KMK.1/2009 on Business Permit Office of Public Appraisal Service Herly, Ariawan & Co.

As stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Finance No. 101/PMK.01/2014 about valuation, we currently have 4 public valuer consisting of one person on business valuation and three persons on property valuation and supported by the other professionals valuerregistered with the society of valuersassociation of Indonesia (MAPPI) as a professional association recognized by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia. As a supporter of the profession, our public valuers are also member of INKINDO, and has STTD Bapepam.

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Professional Team (Head Office)

Partners composition of KJPP HAR is as below:

A. Managing Partner : Herly Lestari Harbi, S.E., MAPPI (Cert.)
Public Valuer License No. : B-1.08.00038
STTD Bapepam No. : 07/BL/STTD-P/B/2010

B. Partner : Ir. Achmad Ariawan, MAPPI (Cert.)
Public Valuer License No. : P-1.09.00076
STTD Bapepam No. : 12/BL/STTD-P/P/2006

C. Partner : Rini Kushandini

Professional Team (Branch Office)

Jakarta Timur
Ahmad Kamil Parinduri, SE, MM, MAPPI(Cert.)

Andrew Jalu Bramantya, S.Si, MAPPI(Cert.)

Ari Kurniawan, ST, MAPPI(Cert.)

Angga, ST, MAPPI(Cert.)

Sumarno, SE, MM, MAPPI(Cert.)

Professional Team (continue...)

Other KJPP HAR professionals team come from a variety of disciplines that include economics, accounting, agriculture, forestry, mechanical engineering, civilengineering, petroleum, geology, geodesy, chemical, environmental, socioeconomic and cultural, anthropology etc., Which has a high competence, professional and independent, and have decades of experience in the field of valuation and consultation.

To maintain and enhance the integrity, objectivity, competence and professionalism of human resources, KJPP HAR each period continues to provide and equip its human resources by training and seminars held by institutions / agencies and other formal education. Currently KJPP HAR has more than 20 permanent staff of experienced and competent in their field.

KJPP HAR also supported by a number of administrative personnel, office buildings and the availability of technical equipment as well as its own operations and an appropriate network of cooperation with various parties, both individuals and institutions.

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